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15-04-05, 21:16
Skandaloze: Zbulohen aparate pėrgjuese nė ndėrtesėn e Presidencės sė Kosovės

Spiunim i pėrditshėm brenda Presidencės sė Kosovės

Sipas njė hetuesi ndėrkombėtarė, ēdo takim, bisedė dhe levizje brenda ndėrtesės sė Presedencės sė Kosovės pėrgjohet. Hetues ndėrkombėtarė janė vėnė nė dijeni, se Ramė Maraj – qė pretendon se ėshtė Kėshilltar Special i Presidencės sė Kosovės, me bashkpunėtorėt e tij, kohė mė parė, brenda ndėrtesės sė Presidencės sė Kosovės, kishte vendosur aparaturė pėrgjuese. Ramė Maraj publikisht ėshtė Drejtor i “Institutit pėr Hulumtime Politike, Strategjike dhe tė Opinioneve” -Prishtinė (“POLITICAL-STRATEGIC AND PUBLIC OPINION RESEARCH INSTITUTE”-PRISTINA - IHPSO), qė ėshtė i regjistruar nė UNMIK me datė 4. 2 . 2000, me numėr regjistrimi 5200018 –1 – regjistruar si OJQ nė UNMIK.
Hetuesi ndėrkombėtar beson se nė stafin drejtues tė kėtij instituti bėjn pjesė: Avdi Behrami,jurist i dip.; Besnik Salihu; Bahtir Osmani,prof.etj
Por, prapa kėtij instituti qėndron veprimtaria dhe aktivitetet diskrete tė bashkpunėtorėve dhe tė Ramė Marajt - si Shef i Sherbimit Sekret tė ashtuquajtur “Sigurimi i Atdheut”. Vetė Ramė Maraj, i cili pretendon tė jetė njeriu me influencė brenda presidencės sė Kosovės, ėshtė i pajisur me kamerė pėrgjuese qė ka formėn e lapsit. Oficierėt hetues ndėrkombėtarė thonė se me zbulimin e kėtij rasti, ėshtė vėshtirė tė thuhet se nėse kėto aparate pėrgjimi janė tė porositura nga ndonjė shėrbim i huaj i fsheht, por mėgjithatė kjo nėnkupton njė delikt zyrtarė, qė Presidencės sė Kosovės mund t’i shkaktojė pasoja tė mdha politike. Sepse pėr kėtė tashmė janė informuar Pėrfaqėsitė e Huaja Diplomatike.
Dhe mu pėr kėtė, parashihet qė sė shpejti Ndėrtesės sė Presidencės t’i kontrollohet imuniteti. Dhe nėse ėshtė kėshtu, atėhere ekziston mundėsia qė tė nisen procedura gjyqėsore ndaj pėrsonave pėrkatės, apo vetė shefit tė tė ashtuquajturit “Sigurimi i Atdheut”. Gjithashtu, kohėve tė fundit gjithnjė e mė shumė pėrreth Presidencės sė Kosovės janė koncetruar veprues tė spiunazhit.

16-04-05, 11:40
Policeman Wentz was used as a scapegoat

***** reports that David Wentz, chief of the Regional Crimes Sector, was arrested yesterday morning by the Kosovo Organized Crime Bureau (KOCB) on suspicion of revealing confidential information and endangering the investigations against a police officer. Defence lawyer Tome Gashi suggested that someone could have used Wentz as a scapegoat to cover up for other problems in the international police force in Kosovo.

The US career police officer David Wentz paid for 30 seconds of telephone conversation with a KPS investigator, Fadil Sylevic, with over 24 hours in prison.

The lawyer Tomė Gashi says the prosecutor used a short conversation officer Wentz had with Sylevic.

‘I met your boss’, Wentz told Sylevic in this conversation and the latter asked surprised ‘which boss?’ The conversation that the American officer is charged with, and which is suspected to have revealed confidential information, as attorney Gashi says, concluded with the words, ‘We need to end the conversation as we are being listened to’. Wentz told police he was joking in this conversation with Sylevic and that this is clearly seen if you listen to the tape, which according to Gashi, you can clearly
hear him laughing during the conversation.

The international prosecutor has questioned officer Wentz under the suspicion he knew there was an investigation ongoing against detective Fadil Sylevic, and that he gave out confidential information that jeopardized the investigation of this case.

‘I do not understand how a man that has prior information that a person is under surveillance tells him through the telephone that ‘We need to stop the conversation as you are being eavesdropped’. If I had something secret then I would call Sylevic for a coffee’, says Wentz calling the justification of the prosecutor to question him ridiculous.
The American officer Wentz says that the KOCB refused him the right to call a lawyer for 5 hours, although he had asked to contact lawyer Gashi, as the US Embassy in Skopje had recommended him. ‘If they violated my rights as a head of a unit, I do not dare imagine what could happen to an ordinary citizen’, said Wentz for ***.

The police officer with high responsibilities for building human resources at the international police in Kosovo seems very sceptical about one of the highest units of crime investigation in Kosovo, KOCB.

According to attorney Gashi, Wentz jokingly told Sylevic in the telephone
conversation that the ‘boss’ whom he had mentioned is Ramė Maraj, the head of the Institute for Strategic Research of Public Opinion, also known as being close to President Ibrahim Rugova.

Sources from the police say that investigators of the UNMIK Police in fact see this institute as an information service close to LDK, and for this reason, says the source, police investigators met with Maraj several times.

In a telephone interview for ***, Ramė Maraj refused to have ever met with UNMIK Police and that he said he did not have any information that Mr. Wentz was arrested.

In this respect, Sylevic thinks that if Mr. Maraj or someone else has something against him, then it must have to do with the fact that he never ‘belonged to a certain political grouping’.

‘As you know, there are founded suspicions that ShIK (Kosovo Secret Service) is functioning as a service of the opposite side. I have never accepted to work for either wing, and therefore I suppose that it is possible that SHIK and Maraj are angry about it’, says Sylevic.

For him, the head of RCS, detained Tuesday afternoon and released Wednesday, is only an ‘investigator with whom he has cooperated for a long time’. ‘He is a good investigator and has extraordinary sources’, Sylevic says.

Sylevic admits the existence of some tensions between him and Maraj although he has never met him, he says for the paper.

The attorney of the American police officer, Tomė Gashi, says that somebody has probably used Wentz as a scapegoat to cover up other problems, which seem to be quite obvious at some very important units of the international community in Kosovo.

Gashi says that when he got the call from the investigative police of KOCB and from his client to take over the case he thought it was a joke. ‘I simply did not think that such a senior police unit could imprison such an important investigator and a head of a unit like RCS’.

Gashi visited the detention centre late at night after he made sure Wentz was really detained.

‘It is strange how he was denied the right to a lawyer for hours on end even though he insisted on that’, says Gashi.