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28-04-04, 21:40
Harmony of Peace

This words are dedicated to all creatures that have instincts, but also to all the plants, marine and terrestrial including computers too, are subjects of this words. To all of us, creatures of God, thereís one and solemn reason to live: our heart and soul. We are composed of organs, simple and complicated, from a stomach to a brain, from arms to feet, from ears to eyes. All this organs and parts, including others not mentioned, form a circle. This cirle is the nucleus of the world, starting from the proton to the electronís orbit, from the shape of the apple to that of the earth, from the sunís planetsí gyration to the galaxies rotation around the black hole. Likewise in a wheel, our organs are tools that encircle our heart. Sometimes we human beings take the path lead by our brain, which is confused by doubting emotions. These emotions are not more that feelings than we have under certain ideas, which are just puzzles of an infinite universe: the heart. Under the governance of our heart, we know whatís right and wrong, and we use all our internal tools efficiently to a divine purpose: to live and experience. We shall not make the mistake to confuse our brain and thoughts as our leaders; for they are marely nothing else but our organizing task force. In fact the worst events in the world, like wars, violence, ignorance, are lead by thoughts and ideas stimulated by unfathing emotions. In this case the heart is repressed and not heard by these fellow human beings, thus they donít se fully life and know the importance of it. The reason why God is solemn is because She lives and dwells in our heart, in a place without dimensions but infinity...

...So let the Heart Govern the World.