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just 4 fun
30-06-04, 14:56
Is sex the most important thing in a relationship?

Do you thing that a relationship can survive without a good sex.

I'm trying to find out, help me please.
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10-02-05, 14:04
First off, sex is not the most important thing in a relationship. Love, trust and security would a few examples of what is more important than sex in a relationship. Some people shouldn't have sex at all. They would be the people who are too young or feel they are not ready for it. Can a relationship survive without sex? hm. What kind of relationship? While sex is not the most important thing, a marriage could not survive without sex. If you are not married and just dating, you can can have fun without sex but you risk the chance that someone else will give your partner what he/she wants. If you decide to have sex, please be careful. You're not having sex just with the person you're with, but with all of their previous lovers as well. You can't risk herpes or genital warts or even pregnancy just because he has "blue balls". When you are ready you'll know.

28-09-05, 01:34
well the answer to that question depends who you ask, if you ask me i would say no, but if you ask some other people they would say that's the most important thing in a relationship. they say that if your sex isn't satisfying with whoever you are dating then get out of that relationship. I know alot of people that are like that, but to me the most important thing is trust and happiness......

28-09-05, 18:28
Love without sex is Nothing & Sex without love is nothinth too ( not allways though :lol:)

For me it's inmortant sex on a relation but it's not the most important thing!