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14-09-11, 23:15
I told you i will be back. So here I am.
Me and a great friend went for a movie tonight. Colombiana was the movie. A great one.
After that, we actualy went for a cup of coffee. We talked things over and we laughed. We laughed so much, our stomach did hurt.
Someone would think; Hello, it was just a cup of coffee, big deal.
To us, it was more then that. Maybe beacuse we don`t do that everyday.
Anyway, i drove my friend home.
Late at night, on my way home, there were lights as long as i could see. Few cars on the road, and me driving home. Home sweet home.

Am I being melancholic? Maybe. Who cares?

Zero Cool
14-09-11, 23:22
Melancholy as a complex emotion

The distinctions between melancholy, on the one hand, and sadness, on the other, point up another feature of melancholy. Melancholy is always a complex emotion rather than a simple one. It can be categorized in this way for a few reasons. First, it does not involve a single emotion, rather it is an emotion with various shades: a shade of longing; a shade of sadness; and a shade of feeling uplifted, or even a subtle sense of excitement. Secondly and perhaps most strikingly, it has both displeasurable and pleasurable shades of feeling.[16] This combination of different aspects constitutes a second necessary condition of melancholy, but which also is not a sufficient condition since other emotions involve both negative and positive aspects. A notable emotion of this type is the sublime, which overlaps with melancholy in ways that usefully articulate how the negative and positive elements function within each different emotion, and how both emotions can be conceived as aesthetic.

Kant describes the sublime as a complex feeling that combines both displeasure and pleasure. The displeasure is caused by the agitation and overwhelming of the senses and imagination which struggle but fail to take in the vastness or power of the sublime object. In the dynamically sublime the displeasure also seems to be caused by a feeling verging on fear. We feel so overwhelmed by the object that we would fear for our lives, except that we are safe and secure, and thus able to experience a sense of awe rather than genuine fear. This feeling on the edge of fear is the point at which displeasure gives way to pleasure from an elevated imagination in which we have a feeling of being at home in the world. That is, we are not actually overwhelmed by the object so that we lose control, rather, we apprehend our status as autonomous beings. The feeling here is one of respect for both humanity and nature. So the sublime has negative aspects of mental agitation verging on fear combined with positive aspects of a feeling of respect. Generally, sublime feeling is pleasurable, for although it does not involve the immediate delight of the beautiful, its pleasure lies in a feeling of being exhilarated and uplifted.

With melancholy, the displeasurable or negative aspects lie in feelings of loneliness, emptiness, sadness from loss, and the fear or dread that sometimes accompanies longing. The pleasurable aspect comes primarily through reflection, when we dwell on happy memories or fashion elaborate fantasies. Here melancholy is intentionally sought out by finding solitude in order to deepen the reflection and in turn prolong the pleasure. While the sublime seems to begin in displeasure and end in pleasure, melancholy's negative and positive aspects alternate unpredictably. The enjoyment of a pleasurable narrative may give way to the sudden pain of desperate loneliness or unbearable longing. We might then seek to keep the pain at bay by returning to the sweetness of particular memories.

The differences between the sublime and melancholy are coupled with some interesting similarities. The two emotions share a higher reflective element; a feeling of elevating ourselves above the crudeness of stronger, more immediate feelings. As we have seen, in melancholy we refuse to give in to the urge to collapse into a heap and cry. In the sublime, we never give into the fear of nature's might, and instead we feel the exhilaration of our capacity to cope with an impending obstacle. They also share at least one common cause-nature. With melancholy, nature provides the solitude that serves as backdrop to our mood; while with the sublime, it is most often natural objects that evoke this feeling. The same desolate moor, or indeed a vast, gloomy ocean, may give rise to either melancholy or sublime feeling. Kant points to how sublime objects invite melancholy:

Thus any spectator who beholds massive mountain climbing skyward, deep gorges with raging streams in them, wastelands lying in deep shadow and inviting melancholy meditation, and so on is seized by amazement bordering on terror. . . .
The various aspects of melancholy sketched above provide a working definition of this distinctive emotion. It is a complex emotion with aspects of both pain and pleasure which draws on a range of emotions-sadness, love and longing-all of which are bound within a reflective, solitary state of mind. It is this special character of melancholy that makes it a more refined emotion and an emotion which engenders aesthetic experience.

08-02-12, 22:38
-How do you explain this thing; you leave one world but then you keep in touch with people from the very same one?

-Hm, don`t really know, I`ve never been there.

-Doesn`t matter. You don`t have to be there to know it. Would you do it?

-Maybe! Do you miss it?



-I was never really into it.

-But you said once that that was a part of your identity.

-I said what people wanted to hear.

-Yeah yeah, you`ve got "unbreakable heart"!

-If you are not one of those two, then you are being used, but hey, don`t want to insult you anymore.

-No hard feelings sweetheart. That`s what i love about you! By the way, if i was one of those two, that is when when i would be used.

-Are you smart or you just act like it?

-I just act like it.


-What does smart mean hoeny?

-It means being up late.

-I go to sleep early. Thank you for small talk.

-Thank you.

09-02-12, 21:21
You should see her dance!

She moves up and down, like a bird.
She does those very well controlled movements, which in our eyes seems so uncontrolled.
She knows exactly what she`s doing.
You start liking her movements and that gets her higher!
She keeps moving her thighs, and sends you an evill look, calls out for you.
You don`t give up that quickly.
But man, you like the way she dances and she doesn`t mind that at all!
She goes up and down, one step ahead and back again.
Those winding and sneaky moves makes everyone turn they head around.
You feel alright! You even feel a need coming your way..

11-02-12, 10:59
I dreamed a dream in time gone by..no, but now these days.

You have never heard but another dream came along and raped the first one.

In this second dream, far far away from reality, i found my self thinking of you.

And I can`t quite explain how or why, but that`s the case man.

I told to this friend of yours as well that splitting is not one of the easiest thing to be a part of.
Being a human with no feelings at all, doesn`t really fit me all that well.
That`s right, feelings arises from somewhere I don`t understand.

Maybe it got to do something with the fact that the time is up. Maybe not.

I am going to miss you- i wispered.

I know- you replied quietly.


Zero Cool
12-02-12, 22:20
We are saddened to learn of the unexpected and untimely passing of Whitney Houston yesterday just hours before the music community was to come together and honor her at Clive Davis' annual pre-Grammy party. Instead those in attendance joined together to celebrate her life and the gifts she left behind. Her legacy is the amazing body of work she left behind. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and the friends who must now cope with the loss of somebody they love.

12-04-12, 18:00
Hello Stranger:smile:

I`m good at saying the last word first, so here we go; In my deepest secretly fantasy, i find your spirit making love to mine.
To be honest, I don`t wanna know anything about you, coz you see I`m in love with your naked soul.
They say our soul has just been given to us. That we don`t get to choose one. Do you feel lucky on that one?
Well, you definitely should!
Maybe you even are a boring, fat , ugly, old man, who cares?
Don`t really need to tell you all this stuff at all, we actualy talk to each other all the time, without talking at all.
Somehow, it feels like, you know exactly what I am talking about, you Black rare thing!
I carouse with a thought of you, and everything else is just a game!!!

23-04-12, 17:21
Hello there Stranger :smile:

I`ve been thinking ; What if the world they built for us, goes under? What happens then? I`ll not be able to try to understand your thoughts. I would then be forced to find another way out. Any idea?
You stay right where you are honey, don` t want you either closer or further away. You are perfectly where you stand. Anything else would destroy the whole thing. It may be that all of it is just in my head but it doesn`t bother me. I got my rights, right? lol
I guess, i just missed you!

25-04-12, 17:54
There is so much love, behind everything. Behind every said and unsaid word. Behind every done and undone gesture.
People pass along.
Nothing stays the same.

How did you come to me? To what shape? In what disguise?
I see us. True.
I feel like I crash the walls.
Where were you?
I spoked to you last night.
Lord, who are we for you?
Did you know? "

Till then, Stranger!

29-09-15, 22:16
"I am not attracted to book smart. I couldn't care less about your college degree. I am attracted to raw intelegence! Really, anyone could sit behind a desk. I want to know what you know beyond the realm of our society. And only living and seeking can give you that kind of intelligence. We've got time. Let's sit on the rooftop at 2 am and indtroduce me to your mind! I want your intimacy and by that I do not mean touching you. I wanna have an access to the core of your inner-self. I wanna see what lies behind the surface of your personality. And that's true intimacy! "

14-03-16, 15:42
Nostalgjia eshte sinonim i melankolise. Dallimi qendron ne moshen e atyre qe vuajne nga "dhimja" qe shkakton ikja e kohes : te rinjte jane nostalgjike; personat e moshuar jane viktime e melankolise.