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21-06-05, 09:19
1) Wget http://www.gower.net/unrealircd/Unreal3.2.tar.gz

2) Now type: gunzip -d Unreal3.2.tar.gz
3) Then: tar xvf Unreal3.2.tar
4) Type: cd Unreal3.2
5) Then : ./Config
6) Now Answer those questions to the best of your knowledge. Generally if your not sure, the default will work!
7) Type: make
8 ) Then go to " Doc " typing : cd doc
9) And type: pico example.conf and edit it .
10) when you finish save it as unrealircd.conf
11) type mv unrealircd.conf Unreal3.2/ to move it to Unreal3.2/
12) when you finish of all type ./unreal start
Congratulation...You made your IrcD Server... :

18-10-05, 10:06
Englisht i gjejm te gjith bre ;)

Zero Cool
20-03-06, 00:34
phiiiiiiiiiiii bre copy/paste qka i kam tullusum...
qka me bo kur sdin gjinja qeshtu e kan...