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08-08-06, 08:15
Lebanon Now

Lebanon needs your help!

http://www.lgic.org/en/lebanonphotos_files/Israel-Lebanon-war-2006/israel-massacre-03-small.jpg (http://www.lgic.org/en/israel-lebanon-2006.php)

How can I Help ?:
1- Contact your Representatives/ Senators and ask them to STOP the War on the Civilians (http://www3.capwiz.com/c-span/home/).(follow the link)
2- Call the White House and Ask the President to put an end for the Massacres against the people of Lebanon.
3- Tell your friends the true story about Lebanon
4 - Pray for PEACE.

We do not want war. We want peace. Israel has the right to live in peace as well as Lebanon and any human being in this universe.
We condemn the killing of civilians from both sides. Israel and Hezbollah are doing crimes against civilians.
We ask that both parties stop the blood shed immediately because at the end there is no solution but sitting and talking and solving the issues.