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Titulli: Team Leader
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The UNDP office in Albania is looking for a qualified candidate who could fill the following vacancy.

Vacancy No: UNDP/2007/65
Post Title: Team Leader
Project: EC-UNDP Support for enhancing regional trade and attracting new investment to Albania
Programme Framework: Democratic Governance
Duty station: Tirana, Albania
Duration of Assignment: 18 months
Educational Background: Advanced University Degree preferably in Business/Management /Engineerin g or related areas
Work Experience: The Team Leader should be experienced (10 years relevant experience) with trade, FDI promotion, and management of Industrial Zones.
Tentative starting date: 1 February 2008
Deadline for Application: 15 January 2008, 17.00 p.m
Job description: Please visit: http://www.undp. org.al/ (http://www.undp.org.al/)

The Government of Albania has a strong pro-business and pro-investment policy, aiming to boost trade across the region and internationally. It is also planning to improve national competitiveness to ensure that new job creating foreign investment is attracted to the country’s regions. This is related to the fact that the private sector plays a very important role in the Albanian Economy, contributing an estimated 80 % of GDP, and providing over 70 % of total employment.
As part of efforts to support the government of Albania capacity in the area of Trade and FDI, new assistance has been considered, which will be provided by EC and UNDP to Albania. The wider objective of the project is support for enhancing regional trade and attracting new investment to Albania through exploitation of opportunities presented by the SAA and CEFTA agreements.

UNDP is undertaking the following activities to achieve the objectives and targets of this Project:

With the signing of the EC-UNDP Project Agreement, UNDP will initiate the Mobilization Phase of the Project. During this Phase, key project staff, including the Team Leader, will be recruited and other initial logistical arrangements will be completed.
Upon completion of these mobilization activities, UNDP will initiate the Inception Phase. The primary objective of this stage of project implementation is to conduct an updated needs assessment on the basis of which an Inception Report (for submission to the EC Delegation) will be prepared, to include a training programme with a timetable for project implementation encompassing all project components and activities, an input schedule, and a revised logical framework.
In order to achieve the above, the Team Leader will undertake an initial inception mission to assess the current situation. Meetings will be held with all institutions to ensure their awareness and participation in the project, including all those entities forming the proposed Project Steering Committee.
These Terms of Reference describe the technical and managerial duties and responsibilities of the Team Leader over the duration of the project across the Inception and full Implementation Phases.

Duties and Responsibilities
The Team Leader will be initially contracted for the Inception phase, and re-contracted upon acceptance of the Inception report for the remaining duration of the project. The Team Leader will be responsible for the following specific duties and tasks:
Successful completion of the Inception Phase of the Project, including:
Planning of the initial Inception Phase mission and preparation of Terms of Reference for any additional expertise as needed
Organization of a successful outreach and liaison with all stakeholders
Diagnosis and supervision of Inception Capacity Building Needs Assessment
o Preparation and presentation of Inception Report to Steering Committee, including detailed project action plan
o Training programme with a timetable for project implementation encompassing all project components and activities,
o An input schedule, and revised logical framework
Planning and organization of Project launch
Successful completion of the full Implementation Phase, including:
Preparation of Terms of Reference for national and international experts
Ongoing review and revision of annual and 6months Project work-plans
Annual budget forecasting and revisions
Regular annual, 6 months and final technical and financial reporting
Management, supervision, and coordination of the technical work of international and national staff across all Project components, activities, and outputs.
Regular outreach and liaison with all Project stakeholders, including EC Delegation, UNDP Country Office, members of the Steering Committee, and other national and international partners
Supervision of all other administrative requirements of project implementation, including personnel contracts, payments, office management, staff evaluations, and leave plans
Technical, managerial, and administrative closure of the Project.

The Team Leader will be supported in his work by a full time project team, comprising of a National Project Manager, and an Admin/Finance Assistant. This arrangement will be put in place for the reason that there are a number of activities to be implemented which require direct operational support, but also because the Team leader will be non-resident and a number of activities will have to be implemented while he/she will be away.

Qualification Requirements:
Working experience with government and private sector institutions in transition economies in the implementation of programmes of FDI attraction; strategic vision on ‘how to develop industrial and business areas’
Knowledge of institutional regulations, and regulatory issues (guidelines, standard procedures, approval mechanisms, etc.) and experience on how to introduce financing mechanisms and partnership models for the management of Industrial Zones / Special Economic Zones
Working experience with trade promotion organizations, and formulation of trade policies; experience in promoting fair competition, property and land management practices
Experience with countries of the region would be worthy
Leadership and supervisory skills, and ability to coach, mentor and develop staff; manage a team of international and local experts; supervise and co-ordinate all technical aspects of contracts; overseeing administrative and logistical support;
Good communication skills; ability to write a variety of reports, studies and other analysis, able to articulate ideas in a clear and concise style. Capacity to ensure good client satisfaction
Good interpersonal skills, and ability to establish and maintain effective partnerships and working relations in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic environment with sensitivity, and respect for diversity, including gender balance
Fully proficient computer skills, and use of relevant software and other applications

Being familiar with UNDP admin and financial regulations, matrix management approaches, etc., and willing to learn more in this regard

4 Timeframe
The Team Leader will be offered a phased contract with an initial duration of up to 30 working days for the Inception phase, which will mostly be services in-country. Upon the approval of the Inception Report, a following contract will be offered for the duration of the project implementation (1-year contract/s, which is renewable based on performance and the project status at the time). The Team Leader will be expected for the duration of this contract to be non-resident, but able to spend more time in-country than home-based. The home-based services will be assigned in a way that will offer clear and measurable deliverables.
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