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21-06-08, 15:33
Artan is the nickname of one of the most scandalous pop-folk singers in macedonia and definitely is one of the leaders in Pop-folk Music Industy. Singer made his own show last weeks and it is one of the best productions in Macedonia now.
. He made his life one novel if I can say. Artan is talking about everything that others cannot. . We all can tell that Artan , or Durmishi is the best known pop-folk singer in Macedonia .
. ARTAN . DURMISHI is scandalous name, everyone hates him, everyone laughs at him, everyone sings his songs. We all know them, and in spite of everything the super star is the best known name in the pop-folk music in Macedonia
The biography of Durmishi , better known as Artan is not so interesting, as his acts in the show life. Durmishi was born on 6 Jun , 1992 in Macedonia .